The Farmers

Below you will find short bios of each of our farmers. These are the people who labor in the fields to bring the best possible grain to Lonesome Stone Milling, and ultimately to you. It is from them that we all benefit.


Dennis Dochnahl, Dodgeville, WI.

With Lonesome Stone since 2009

Dennis's family has been farming on his land for over 100 years. He is the fourth generation to honor the land at Scenic Height Farm, which was named by his parents when they were raising cattle and needed a prefix for labeling their cattle. He grew up believing that minimal inputs were needed with careful growing practices, and in 2010 he became certified organic. When asked what he might want people to know about him, he paused, laughed, and said with a shrug, "I grow a lot of grains for Gilbert!" Dennis enjoys the variety inherent in a farming life, There are so many different things to do, always; fencing, planting, harvesting, hauling manure, feeding cattle, it always changes.


Gilbert Williams, co-founder and owner of Lonesome Stone Milling

Gilbert has a long history of working with food. He has B.S. in chemistry which has given him a strong base in understanding how food works at its most fundamental levels. Followed with a Master's degree in agronomy and a profound love of Wisconsin agriculture, nature, and environmental issues he was the perfect person to begin Lonesome Stone Milling. He enjoys working with the farmers to find the right balance of rotational crops and varieties for their particular land, and oversees the day to day operations at the mill. He is happy to share his knowledge and love for all that is Lonesome Stone Milling with you.

John Chitwood 2014.JPG

John Chitwood, Blue River, Wi.



Interview coming soon!