Our Milling Process:

Once the grains are dried, they are cleaned by our Clipper 29D fanning mill at Lonesome Stone Milling.

They are then stored in farmer identified one ton totes in our food grade warehouse.

When you are ready, the grain is stone ground to order with our Meadows Meal Master, 30” stone mill. Turnaround time from when you order is therefore variable as there is no product waiting on a shelf. Stone milling keeps the flavorful wheat germ, producing a whole grain product that contain all the bran, endosperm and germ (embryo). Stone milling never heats the grain, keeping it a live food product. Milling to order gives you, the baker, the freshest flour available for the best tasting bread possible!

Grain is milled with a moisture content between 12 and 13.5%.  Sifted through a 60 gauge sifter to remove large pieces of bran, we generally remove less than 5% of the bran.

Mill code indicates: Date of milling, type of sifting, type of grain, Farmer who produced the grain used in each product.

Packaging: Available in 25 or 50 pound bags, all product is milled to order. We ship freshly milled stone ground flour on 40x48” pallets.

WI DATCP processing plant license number 264486-F2

Organic certification by MOSA, handler number 3811

2018 Grains and Lab results coming soon

Please contact the office at

608-583-2100 or lonesomestonemill@gmail.com

to receive a complete list of available grains, spec sheets,

and pricing and shipping options